A bit about Extreme Webbing

Extreme Webbing began many years ago! Website design and the way I looked at things on the internet became an obsession, so much so that I just had to learn how to make things look like this, how to edit, how to create and make websites.

Learning and studying everything web design became and remains an obsession.
We aim to learn and grow in every area every day, constantly taking new courses, learning new skills and staying up to date with the trends.
Do you have a small business and no idea how to get your website up and running? 
Do you want to become recognised in the virtual space?
Our mission at Extreme Webbing is to create simple, clean websites for small businesses efficiently and cost effectively.
We can create sites for any type of business or event
  • Guest houses
  • Small businesses in all areas
  • Health shops
  • Nutritionists
  • Weddings
  • Boutique hotels
  • Sports events
  • Any other events

Meet Julz (Juliette) – founder, creator, website designer, and team manager

Juliette comes from a background of event management, marketing management, website building for specific events, online entry systems in the eventing space, e-commerce, brochure design, poster design and all other elements of design and putting companies together.

Juliette has a PASSION for simple, easy to navigate web design, connecting all social media platforms and ensuring the best performance for a site with search engine optimisation, safety in place and more.
Our niche is to help small/medium businesses grow, online, and in the real world.

Extreme Webbing works with some specialised graphic designers and developers when needed.

Julz – a passion for life that many others share; she loves to create and design websites, brochures and other elements to see how a business can grow from strength to strength.
Owner and Designer.

Our Work

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