What Extreme Webbing can do for you

Do you have a small business and no idea how to get your website up and running? 
Do you want to become recognised in the virtual space?
Our mission at Extreme Webbing is to create simple, clean websites for small businesses efficiently and cost effectively.
We can create sites for any type of business or event
  • Guest houses
  • Any niche or small business
  • Health shops
  • Nutritionists
  • Weddings
  • Boutique hotels
  • Sports events
  • Any other events


Responsive design

Your content will look good using phone or computer!

Design made for all screens

Web design that will look great every time!

Social media

Make sure you have a strong social media platform!

Social media expert

We include a social media package depending on your needs.

Logo design

Need a fresh new look and feel - we can help!

We can design something for you!

Tell us what you visualise and we can create it for you!

Edited images

We can edit and create any banner or image for you.

Images, banners created for you

Ensure your website and social media platforms all look the same, edited images help with this.

Extreme Webbing aims to help your small business grow

Extreme Webbing comes from a background of event management, site building for specific events, online entry systems and more. We have a PASSION for simple, easy to navigate web design. We aim to help small businesses grow, online and in the real world.

How we can help you!

– Get your own domain name for your business

– Create your own brand identity with design elements and your own website

– Create a logo that is unique and adds flavour to your business

– Social media linked to your website for customer base growth

– Cost effective solution to ensure your business is getting the best out of having a website!

Client reviews

Juliette has been a great help to getting my site online, she has new ideas and continues to send me ideas and helps me get the site where I need it to be!
Juliette has built my wedding website for me, she did the work quickly and I was very happy with the result! We cannot wait to get married and had many comments about the website. She also did the invitation designs and all the designed elements on the site. Great to work with.
Alice, Private
Julz (as I know her) just gets on and does the work. I am probably the hardest client as do not give much feedback, but generally happy with the sites she has created. She has vision and passion for the work she does.